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About Planetsanta


Planetsanta was established in 1997 as an extension of several large manufacturing and retail costume companies which had been established between 1876 to 1943.


The owners of those companies saw a change in the way that consumers were buying their Santa suits and accessories. They decided to start a new company to meet those new types of needs and to better meet the rapid paced internet environment 


Planetsanta is located in two separate locations in the greater Philadelphia area.  Each of the two locations is over 10,000 square feet, and has warehousing, manufacturing, offices, and design facilities in the building.  Planetsanta is involved in creating some very unique items for the Christmas and costume industries.


Due to the fact that Planetsanta is owned by people who’s companies have been in the costume industry for over a century, you can understand how they can source unique and specialized items that other stores don’t even know about.


In addition to retailing its' products over the internet, Planetsanta wholesales its' own products to retailers and other internet dealers around the world. For that reason, you may sometimes see the same product that was created by Planetsanta being sold by another company.


The enormous stock that is maintained is really hard to imagine. For example, Planetsanta is one of the largest producers of Santa wigs & beards, as well as Santa boots in the USA!  Planetsanta works with several factories to produce unique Santa suits, costumes, beards, boots, and other quality Santa Claus products.


Often Planetsanta will clean out the suppliers when they think that a product is good, thereby becoming the only source with a proper level of inventory. Planetsanta does not just keep a couple of items on hand and consider itself ready for business.


If you are buying from Planetsanta, you can be assured that you are working with one of the largest and well known Santa retailers in the world!