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What size should I wear?

The actual size of XL, XXL, and XXL can vary from brand to brand.  For this reason, Planetsanta does not use sizing that corresponds to those terms.  


Planetsanta sizing is based on "Santa sizing".


If you want to ensure that the outfit fits you, you should measure yourself with an actual tape measure.  If you do not have a cloth one, use string around you and compare that on a ruler.


The measurements we state on the site are accurate in real world inches. We do not quote our measurements using "clothing" inches. Our measurements are real ones, not "suit or shirt sizes".  For example, if you wear a size 50 pants, you are not 50 inches around your belly, but actually larger.


If you are under the size we state for a product (and can still breath), then it will fit you. 


If you are still unsure which size to get, please e-mail or call us with your sizing information.  We will need your information for chest, waist, belly size, height weight.  It is also suggested that you provide shirt sleeve, neck size, inseam, and head circumference as well.  Tell us which specific suit you are looking at, and we will make a recommendation on the exact suit that will fit you.